Tysers Launches Auto Physical Damage Platform on PolicyFly

Jun 08, 2020

Tysers Press Release Announced on June 8, 2020

Tysers is pleased to announce that its Auto Physical Damage (APD) programme is now live on PolicyFly.

PolicyFly, is one of the leading digital, all-in-one platforms for the placement, underwriting and management of insurance programs.

Recently, the North American Property & Casualty (P&C) team within Tysers began looking at operational opportunities to further develop their APD business.

“Our team is constantly striving to provide the best service for our agents and wholesale partners,” said Nick Crago, Director within the Tysers North American P&C team. “We were keen on finding a partner that could digitize our growing APD book to shorten our turnaround time on certificate and endorsement processing and automate routine operations like document issuance. PolicyFly’s core technology, along with their expertise in commercial trucking gave us immediate confidence that they could strengthen the speed and service of our entire team.”

PolicyFly led the Tysers North American P&C team through their planning and onboarding process to configure the platform to meet the distinct needs of Tysers’ commercial trucking team. Key PolicyFly features for APD including vehicle identification number lookups, validation of total insurance values, premium proration and endorsement history allow Tysers brokers and technicians to move significantly faster through day-to-day workflows. Furthermore, PolicyFly’s document issuance manager automatically generates formal quotes, confirmations of cover, certificates and endorsements, while seamlessly handling facility specific wording.

Tysers is investing and developing its overall digital strategy to capitalize on both existing and emerging markets. Henrietta Butcher, Managing Director of Tysers North American P&C team remarked, “Our partnership with PolicyFly demonstrates our investment to improve the service of new and existing agency partners in North America, as well as our understanding that the industry is continuously evolving.”

Cory Crosland, CEO of PolicyFly shared, “Each line of business and client is unique. Although our experience in commercial trucking and APD was crucial, we still took every opportunity to help Tysers innovate and build a truly digitally native line of business. This was a tremendous chance for our team to showcase our capabilities, not only as a leader in policy management and automation for MGA’s and carriers, but for world-class wholesale brokers like Tysers as well.”