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We are committed to building the most advanced platform to help MGA/MGU's grow with specialty programs and build stronger relationships with their agents. We believe that insurers of the future will win on how easy and fast it is for all parties to get a quote, to bind coverage, and to retain that account. That belief is what guides us.



Our experience dates back to 2011 when our parent company, Croscon , launched its first insurance program, MusicPro Insurance .

Over the years working with various insurers, we continued to experience the same pain points and challenges -- how do we improve the “ease of doing business” between parties (agents, customers, underwriters, etc)? While there are many platforms in the market, none were designed from the ground up to bring all participants into one experience.

In 2018 we introduced PolicyFly with the sole purpose of powering speciality insurance programs to improve the experience between MGAs and their independent agents.

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"MGAs have a unique role in the insurance life cycle and they will either innovate and evolve or be eliminated from the food chain. In order to stay relevant and compete in the future, they will need to assess their strategy, place technology at the heart, improve the customer experience, and remove inefficiency..."

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Build It, Book It & Grow With PolicyFly

PolicyFly is an all-in-one digital platform that’s revolutionizing insurance administration. We help insurers build better, more-profitable programs with streamlined online applications, faster and smarter underwriting, and the best technology money can buy.