Different By Design

To us, each line of coverage and every program is an opportunity to innovate. Let’s build something better for your customers, your agents and your team.

Each Program is Unique

From standard to specialty lines, our team follows our Insurance Innovation Process to deploy a perfectly configured version of PolicyFly that drives your business forward.

We start by understanding your program. How can we streamline the process? What data providers can we use to cut down on questions?
From application to bind, we design the fastest way for agents or customers to interface with your program.
We then rapidly launch your program in weeks -- not months, with the initial platform running in days.
Allow your program to continuously scale and evolve by taking advantage of ongoing PolicyFly innovations.

Integrate and Win

Tap into the power of third party data sources and emerging APIs to streamline the application experience for agents and customers, while making better underwriting decisions faster.

Cory Crosland

CEO, PolicyFly

"For us, experience is everything -- the easier we make it for all parties the more those parties will want to write their business through your program. This is the future of insurance and PolicyFly enables us to get there."

Build It, Book It & Grow With PolicyFly

PolicyFly is an all-in-one digital platform that’s revolutionizing insurance administration. We help insurers build better, more-profitable programs with streamlined online applications, faster and smarter underwriting, and the best technology money can buy.